Below is an archive showing some of the people who were involed in developing the patient cases, films and assignments that make up the Wider View.


HEALER was developed in 2006, produced in the Spring of 2007, and was released in the Fall 2007. It has been used in undergraduate and graduate courses to stimulate discussions about the process and meaning of death and dying.


In 2006, a new team went to work on Anthony (Tad) Riker. This case is a departure from previous cases in that the story of Tad is being told in a dramatic movie titled HAT for TAD. The team members are: Robert Francis, D.C., Ruth Levine, M.D., Suzanne Peloquin, Ph.D., OTR, Kay Sandor, Ph.D., RN, Victor Sierpinia, M.D., and Rodger Marion, Ph.D. In addition to HRSA support, this team's work was sponsored by the UTMB Florence and Marie Hall Educational Endowment. Production facilities on the UTMB campus, that were used for Hat for Tad, were developed with a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.

Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth WHISSL Teams

These three teams worked from the Fall 2004 through the Summer 2005 semesters to create three new patient cases. Miguel Navarro, Rivka Elena Seligman, and Ella Mays have joined the ranks of simulated patients. The members of these three teams were:

  • Team 6: Joshua Schuetz, M.S., RRT, UTMB Respiratory Care program
  • Team 7: Lona Sandon, M.Ed., RD, UT Southwestern Medical Center Clinical Nutrition program
  • Team 8: Suzanne Peloquin, Ph.D, OTR, Malcolm Cutchin, Ph.D., and Patricia Fingerhut, Ph.D., OTR, UTMB Occupational Therapy program

Fifth WHISSL Team at the University of South Florida During the Summer and Fall of 2004

UWI/UTMB/USF Team members: Susanne Shirley, Rodger Marion, Nagi Kumar, Keiba Shaw The team at the University of South Florida is composed of Dr. Nagi Kumar, Department of Nutrition, and Dr. Keiba Shaw, School of Physical Therapy. Both at the College of Medicine, University of South Florida in Tampa. The team developed a collaboration with the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica and we traveled to Jamaica to record the video segments of the case in August. In October we returned to Tampa to film the patient, who was played by Leary Walker.

Filming at the USF Botanical Gardens - Keiba, Bruce, Nagi, Leary Film Crew - Dr. Keiba Shaw, Terry Stubbs, Driver, Julia Lannaman, Location Manager

Third WHISSL Team at Northeastern University in Fall 2003

Boston Team members Susan, Elizabeth and Ena Ena and Susan at lunch

The NEU Team consists of Drs. Ena Vazquez-Nuttall, Susan Lowe, Elizabeth Howard, and Denise Frankof. The new case about Filomena Sanchez is set in Boston.

WHISSL Team Works in Puerto Rico During June 2003

The UPR Team consists of Drs. Barbara Segarra, Milagros Velez, Soami Sneyder, and Lyvia Alvarez. Bruce and Rodger spent a week with them working on the new case, Esther Rivera, and shooting a patient interview and a home assessment.

Rodger with the UPR 2003 WHISSL Team (Barbara Segarra, Milagros Velez, Soami Sneyder, and Lyvia Alvarez) Lyvia and Bruce filming in the Audiology Lab

Filming Lari Benetiz at UTMB in May 2003

Rodger Marion, Carolyn Utsey, Mary Longoria and Helen Coreas

Using a steadicam rig - Rodger Marion,  Mary Longoria, Helen Coreas and Bruce Niebuhr

Makhdoom Ali Shah and Rodger Marion Share Culutral Pluralism Award

Dr. Makhdoom Ali Shah, ASAHP Fellow, Kuwait University Rodger and Makhdoom A. Shaw, Kuwait University, shared the Cultural Pluralism Award from the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions (ASAHP). Their collaboration is built around the simulated patients of the WHISSL project. ASAHP is an international association of educators and administrators in the health sciences, and presents the Cultural Pluralism award annually based on nominations from the membership.

Rodger Back from Sixth Kuwait Visit

Rodger made his sixth trip as a visiting professor to Kuwait University in May 2005. Team Four consists of Dr. Makhdoom Shah, Rafiq Chowdhury, and Nabeel Akhtar at Kuwait University. Rodger was not able to travel to Kuwait in 2004, so we worked remotely to complete the case dealing with Yusaf Khan, and finished up final touches in May 2005. This case deals with an older man who is injured in Afghanistan and needs rehabilitation help at his home in Pakistan. Karen Stephenson and David Wise at UTMB also helped with this case.

Rodger's camel friend Nabeel and Rafiq at Kuwait University (March 2003)

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