What is a Wider View?

These are case studies of people going thru the issues and difficulties of life. Brief slices of their lives are provided by short films. Also, background information on the current situations are provided. Beyond this framework, how you use each case is up to you.


  1. Filomena Sanchez is learning how to get around in her home after a stroke.
  2. Miguel Navarro has lung problems and may have to give up his work.
  3. Ella Mays is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and her family wonders how to help.
  4. Ronald Walker comes to America from Jamaica for cancer care and finds that no one wants to listen.
  5. Lari Benetiz and her grown daughter explore options for home self-care.
  6. Yusaf Khan is in Pakistan where he hurt his foot and his son wants him to come home for treatment.
  7. Sam Cooper has chronic low back pain and examines alternative methods for treatment.


Sam Cooper - This is an assignment about Sam Cooper's case that expands on the movie by adding a detailed medical record and student activities. Students review the literature to select an optimal therapy for Sam.

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