The Making of - HAT for TAD


  1. At the end of each day of production, we will post short movies about the day’s events. Thus, each day, record no more than 5 minutes of carefully selected activity.

  2. Every day, record the following:
    1. A shot of the slate with “HAT for TAD” and the date, e.g., March 30, 2006.
    2. An overall shot of each location.
    3. Shots showing the actors doing something.
    4. Shots showing the crew doing something interesting (Note distinction - much of what the crew does is technical and tedious, while actors are probably fascinating all the time).
    5. Interviews. (See below)

  3. 30 Second Interviews. We want one 30 second interview with every actor, crew member, and production staff member. Over all the days of production, get at least 3 interviews with the main characters and the director. Questions to ask (pick one or two) –
    1. What has been hard today?
    2. What was a challenge today?
    3. Why is your character important?
    4. What did you learn today?

    No gushing or meaningless comments. We want pithy, insightful moments.