Actors' Filmmaking Workshop

with Rodger Marion and Lee Coleé

The class meets once a week for two hours over 16 weeks. The course covers film acting technique, writing a screenplay, shooting and editing a film, marketing techniques and more. The 16 weeks may not be contiguous because the actual shooting is independent of classes and some classes are after shooting is over. We will decide on the day and time once all participants are identified. If you have a laptop computer, bring it with you. If it has wireless, we will link you to the Internet.
  1. Idea

    • Class 1 - Introductions. Overview. Questions. Watch a successful, short film. Review books and web site. Install Celtx.
    • Class 2 - Review using Celtx. Share characters created. Brainstorm story ideas based on characters. Gather learning wants and needs.

  2. Story

    • Class 3 - Pick out ideas that work from the treatments, creative story twists and interesting story structural elements. Explore how the characters can interact. Brainstorm possible new and revised story ideas. Review list of learning wants and needs.
    • Class 4 - Share treatments. Brainstorm ideas.
    • Class 5 - Share treatments. We will decide on final story elements.

  3. Screenplay

    • Class 6 - Share screenplays and discuss characters. Create character back stories.
    • Class 7 - Discuss story development, dialog, and action.
    • Class 8 - Finalize script.

  4. Pre-production

    • Class 9 – Script read thru, planning action, and basic logistics.
    • Class 10 - Scouting locations and releases. Costumes. Make up. Props.
    • Class 11 - Discuss the following items: Shooting Schedule, Register script with WGA, Ownership agreement for film, Film budgets, Developing a Production Book, Planning rehearsals, Music composition, providing food and drinks on set.
    • Class 12 - Discuss the following items: How to crew, Crew positions and roles, Equipment - Camera, sound recording, and lighting, Shooting schedule, No more classes until shoot completed.

  5. Production

    • Shoot film.

  6. Post Production

    • Class 13 - Editing - basics.
    • Class 14 – Marketing - Web Site, Facebook, Local news, interest groups, e.g., Reel Women, Austin Film Society, print materials, post cards and posters.
    • Class 15 - Editing - Sound, music scoring, re-recording.
    • Class 16 – Distribution - Film Festivals, IMDb, Without-a-Box, Seguin Film Festival, DVD Design, Create Space and (on-demand DVD fulfillment), Using Flash, You Tube.