Cast & Crew

Carla Daws Gina McClure Lee Coleé Melinda Ellisor Genevieve Hodge
John Daws


Carla Daws - Cassandra
Gina McClure - Moselle
Lee Coleé - Auria
Melinda Ellisor - Hortense
Genevieve Hodge - Mouse
John Daws - Wendell
Craig Calley - Biker
Jason Foreman – Murray, Stunts
Cary Michaels - Auria's Mentor
Morgan Marion - Jerry
Parker Crowley - Guitarist
I-Pei Hodge - Violinist
Jacob Ward - Guitarist
Jimmie Christensen - B&B Guest
Rick Fitzgerald - B&B Guest
Jason Foreman
Rodger Marion


Producer/Director - Rodger Marion
Casting/Acting coach - Lee Coleé
Script Supervisor - I-Pei Hodge
Documentarian/Modelmaker - Marvin Niebuhr
Assistant Directors - Carla Daws and
Jimmie Christensen
Sound Recordists - Morgan Marion,
Melinda Ellisor, Tom Hodge and Jason Marion
Modelmaker - Dianne Marion
Composer - Jason Marion
Marvin Niebuhr

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