Final Scene List

Tag Line: Known only as healer, he moves through the ages helping others, and finally confronts himself.

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Scene 1: Healer comforts a dying Civil War solider. (Begins with title card. Set in the 1860ís)

Scene 2: Healer discusses his roles and plans. (Today)

Scene 3: Healer arrives for work at a toy shop. (All scenes are now flashbacks. Exceptions noted)

Scene 4: Healer and the Boss discuss Soniaís illness.

Scene 5: Healer shows Sonia how to heal.

Scene 6: Jonathon arrives and Healer shares his troubles.

Scene 7: Healer works with Sonia on visualizing.

Scene 8: Healerís wife Magdaline is dying. (Set in 1940ís)

Scene 9: Jonathon is fixing up a car, and he and Healer discuss religion.

Scene 10: Magdaline has died. (Set in 1940ís)

Scene 11: Sonia works on her healing process.

Scene 12: Sonia is cured, but Healer describes his troubles and his solution.

Scene 13: Later, Sonia looks for Healer.

Scene 14: Jonathon tries to prevent Sonia going to Healer

Scene 15: Sonia gets to Healer just as he makes his transition.

Scene 16: Jonathon says auf wiederschen to Healerís spirit.

Scene 17: Healer is dancing on a mountain top at sunset. (Today)

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