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In which, a cat named HR becomes friends with the mice.

Molly and Marge get ready for the party.

HR's Mom and Dad    

   HR alone and lonely
    outside the party 

The party is going strong       


Everyone's friends 


Mouseville was ready, at last it was fall.
The evening arrived for the Halloween Ball.

Molly and Marge finished cleaning the hall,
at last it was ready for one and all.

They came from all over the country that night on their very best wagons,
down roads by moonlight.

Some of them came even two or three miles,
all of them came with their biggest big smiles.

But up on a hill all alone in the trees,
sat a cat named H.R. with his head on his knees.

On this beautiful night he was lonely and sad,
he was so far from home and he missed Mom and Dad.

In Mouseville the party was now going strong.
The mayor had spoken, but not very long.

The magic show started with Millie and Mel,
when suddenly Millie let out such a yell:

“There’s a cat in the window, it’s not an illusion”,
and then the whole party broke into confusion.

They were all so afraid. Millie yelled, “Just calm down.
Wait here, while I run that old cat out of town!”

She marched out quite angrily, slamming the door,
and she yelled at the cat and she yelled more and more.

Millie thought she heard crying, she looked up and saw,
there was H.R. sobbing onto his paw.

“I’m just so darn lonesome, when I saw y’all,
I just wanted to watch, never been to a Ball.”

“Thought maybe, just maybe there might be a chance
you’d have room for a stranger here at your dance.”

He cried and he cried. Millie murmured,
“Oh dear, if you’ll only stop crying I’ll ease the gang’s fear”.

She returned to the party and soon found the power
to speak very calmly. It was her finest hour.

She said, “We have a new friend who’s come to our Ball,
and I know he’s a cat and I know that he’s tall,

but we’ll finish our party out there in the street,
so he can be with us to dance, sing and eat.”

The mice and H.R. became friends on that day,
And I’ve heard that H.R. has decided to stay.

In fact, next Halloween, there's more fun to be had,
the mice are inviting H.R.’s Mom and Dad.

They were all so happy on that special night,
they had learned to stop thinking all cats will bite.

They’d learned to stop thinking a mouse must fear a cat.
Each cat's an individual and that's all there is to that.

Poem copyright © 2007, 2019 by Dianne Lesile Marion

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